Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dunnage bags / Air bags for strengthening, thickening and protect cargo?

This is a polypropylene bag from several layers.Used for stopping the movement of cargo at a container freight transport, road, railway or intermodal transport.This bags protect your goods from damages during transportation.

Why dunnage bags are better than other products for lashing?

The reason is: low cost, fast set, strength and efficiency.In the past was used: pallets, guyed and other materials but their high cost and slow setting made them inapplicable today.

What consequences can occur after transport damage?
Customers are dissatisfied.Payment compensation and destroying the relationships.

How do I determine what size dunnage bag to use?
1st measure the free space between your cargo
2nd measure the distance between the floor and top of the load
3rd measure the distance of their pallets
4th after inflating the bags should contact 2/3 of cargo’s surface area

What type of equipment is necessary to inflate dunnage bags:

Can dunnage bag be damaged during inflating?
Bags can be burst with over inflation Yes.You need to follow recommended inflation pressure for each size.

What is their price?
Please contact us for offer.